(Q) What kind of service do you provide?

(a) Siouxland Social sells pre-configured router that hook directly into a internet connection. Siouxland Social will created custom designed login pages that your customers have the options to log into on. Business can choose weather to have customers login on with Facebook, Twitter, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and with many other options. Your login page is custom branded to your company logos and information. 

(Q) I have a router at my business will that work?

(a) No, our routers are program to our software. It has a special "ID" that works with our software to allow it to do all features software. 

(Q) How much is your software? 

(a) Our software has different prices for different features. Check out our website at www.siouxlandsocial.com/pricing. If you want to customize a different plan, please send us a email at sales@siouxlandsocial.com 

(Q) What is included in the setup fee?

(a) Great question! Your setup fee allows us to create the account, pays for your text messaging for the year, build and design your business account, and tech support for lifetime. Its a one-time fee that is pay with the first month payment.

(Q) Dose Siouxland Social provide internet?

(a) No, we dont provide any internet service. We just provide a custom pre-configured router for you connect to your current internet modem.

(Q) Do I own the router since I purchased it from you?

(a) No, those are property of Siouxland Social. When you cancel your account, you ship them back to Siouxland Social.

(Q) I want to cancel my account, how do I do that?

(a) Just send us a email at billing@siouxlandsocial.com or call us at (712) 292-6570. There is no cancelation fee. We will cancel your service the same day. 

(Q) How do I login into my account to change my infomation.

(a) Go to www.siouxlandsocial.com/login in type in your email address and password.

(Q) I lost my login and password how do I get that?

(a) Just send us a email at support@siouxlandsocial.com. We can get you your login infomation to you. 

(Q) I want more text messages per month, can I get more? 

(a) Sure, just send a email to info@siouxlandsocial.com We can get you more. There is a fee that will apply on your next billing cycle.

(Q) Is there a contact that needs to be signed? 

(a) Yes, you sign a 1 year agreement to our service. You pay the first month plus setup fee, then the rest of the time is the package that you picked. Your price will never increase or decrease unless you add or subtract services out of your package. 

(Q) I offer "Free WiFi" at my business why do I need this?

Great question! With our products and service you have the opportunity to set deals up that target right to the customer. When a customer logins into your "Free WiFi" it will capture powerful information, then you can retarget them by offering them coupons, birthday club programs, email marketing, and a broadcast of your lastest promotion. We provide a detail report up to the minute, day, week, month or even year on how many times that customer has been into your location. Currently, at this time you are allowing people to have "Free WiFi" put that to use and turn your WiFi into a powerful marketing platform. 

(Q) I want to see a demo, how do I do that? 

(a) Sure, no problem, pick a time that works best for you on our online calender. To book a demo click here

(Q) Can I design my business account before I get the router?

(a) Yes, after the demo, we will build your account for you. Siouxland Social will design it how you want. So when you get the router, all you have to do is plug it into the internet, then plug the power in the wall. From that point, we need to you to promote "Free WiFi" in your business. It will start working for you. 

(Q) What is the best way to get in touch with Siouxland Social? 

Call us at (712) 292-6570 | Email us at sales@siouxlandsocial.com